Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Church will survive

Here's a letter published on the the Irish Times website. It is in response to an article by Mary Raftery.

It is a dark period for the Church, but I'm sure the Church will survive and grow into the future and continue to offer support and spiritual guidance to the billions of people who follow the teachings of Christ. There seems to be a confusion in the manner that many "outsiders" condemn the Church in that they cannot seem to separate the Church which teaches Christ's message of the Gospel and a particular group of individuals who have brought shame and corruption to the institutions of the Catholic Church.
Child abuse is not specific to the Church, although to listen to some of the condemnation from outside forces with their own particular agendas, you would think that this was an issue specific to this organisation. Some irrational and emotional fringe commentators have even called for the Church to be abolished. Of course there was denial, of course there was cover up. There was abuse in State run institutions here yet no one is calling for the state to be abolished. Particular aetheist groups are jumping on the bandwagon in outright condemnation of the Church.
It's up to the Church to sort out it's own internal affairs. After all, there was a reticence on the part of the civil authorities to get involved in this matter at the time and to bring criminal prosecutions. If there are criminal actions to be taken against individuals they should be taken without hesitation. That's up to the authorities.
"International criminal conspiracy". I don't think so. Church authorities just wanted to turn a blind eye. Most of the civilian population here wanted to turn a blind eye also. We're all knowledgeable after the fact. Some seem to be all knowing in their opinions. Hindsight is a great thing.
I'm not part of the Church, but I can see a great resurgence in this Religion in the future once it has cleansed itself from those who carried out these acts of corruption.
"Black hole". Aetheism and capitalism has carried society into a black hole. Spiritual belief will be the shining light that guides people back, and the Church with it's many pure believers will be a strong spiritual force once again.
The Church has survived over 2,000 years through many dark periods, but through many dark periods in human evolution the Church has been a light of guidance to many, many people.
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