Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the new Evangelization

The Vatican has announced who will sit on the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the new Evangelization, the agency headed by Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella. (See here)

One of the Cardinals appointed is Cardinal Schonborn. Earlier this year, an article by John Thavis, Catholic News Service, on Cardinal Schonborn, reported the following:

In an unusual public chastisement, the Vatican said a series of statements by Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schonborn have contributed to widespread misunderstandings on issues related to clerical sexual abuse.

In particular, the Vatican took issue with Cardinal Schonborn's statement that Cardinal Angelo Sodano, former secretary of state, had blocked an investigation of sexual abuse and offended victims by calling their complaints "petty gossip."

In addition, Cardinal Schonborn was said to have suggested that the church reconsider its position toward remarried divorced Catholics, who are not allowed to take Communion, and toward homosexuals in stable relationships. He also has made statements that appear to support reconsideration of the mandatory celibacy rule in the Western church.
see complete article here.

So how did this man get a top job in the New Evangelisation? Appointing young Cardinals is not always the wisest thing to do. Remember Comiskey?

Any others you might ask? Yes.

Archbishop Bernard Longley who attacked faithful pro-life/pro-family Catholics for telling inconvenient truths about the Soho Masses. One of those truths is the support for homosexual parenting among the Soho Masses organisers. Terence Weldon, a member of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council who distributes Holy Communion at the Masses, is also a homosexualist blogger who writes in favour of homosexual parenting.

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