Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Vote for Labour is a vote for Abortion


Michael D Higgins, Labour Party, talked to Newstalk Radio on Friday 11th February about David Quinn, Iona Institute. The original broadcast can be found here. If you go to part 3 of the show and jump to 53:30.

David wrote a great piece in the Irish Independent on the 11th entitled
"Any vote for the Labour Party is a vote for abortion".
He simply pointed out the hypocrisy of the Labour Party for canvassing outside Sunday Masses, looking for votes from Catholics who no doubt are pro-life. David pointed out the fact that many of the Sunday Mass goers don't actually know that Labour intends to bring in abortion on demand, based on the UK model.

Higgins' opening line is
"This is a scandalous article".
Where's the scandal? David is speaking the truth. Is the scandal not that Labour want to introduce abortion on demand? It is scandalous that they are attempting to deceive Catholic voters. They want to destroy the life of the unborn right up to birth in the name of the goddess 'choice'? This is scandalous.

He says there is an arrogant misstatement in every paragraph! He also calls it rubbish:
"I know all this rubbish and the black stuff that's in it".
What on earth is he into? What black stuff? He calls the 'Alive' newspaper a 'rag' newspaper,(run by the Dominicans). Any man who would react so strongly to the truth turns the torch right around on his own face.

And this man is running to be the President of Ireland next November. God help us.

JUST OUT: The Labour Party Equality Chairman, Bernard Cantillon has said that he wants "ABORTION ON DEMAND IN IRELAND NOW." Mr Cantillon made his comment in a Facebook conversation.


  1. Thanks for posting the interview, even if it did annoy me.

    "Alive" is doing something right when it annoys him so much.

    He wants the election to be about "serious real things". Sure, you can not get anything more real or serious than abortion.

  2. Great, to-the-point post. David Quinn has shown the pro-life Catholics that Labour cannot be trusted. Labour had wanted to pull the wool over our eyes, and get our vote without us knowing their pro-abortion manifesto.