Sunday, September 5, 2010


Two County Mayo based parish priests have publicly taken different points of view on the Corrib Gas Project, which aims to bring gas ashore in the county. READ MORE Both Fr Michael Nallen and Fr Kevin Hegarty made submissions to the An Bord Planeala hearing into the Corrib Gas Project in Bellmullet this week with both being firmly on opposite sides of the fence. There has been a fierce battle for years now to stop the destruction of this beautiful, untainted area of the West of Ireland. Apparently the gas supply will only last for 15 years! For more on the group opposing the project go HERE to Shell-to-Sea website.

I read the other day that Fr. Hegarty praised Shell. Why? Because they sponsored his school and other activites for the children. I bet they did. Isn't that what they do in all the countries they enter to steal the natural resources. "Here's a few little sweets", they say.

Fr. Hegarty wrote an article for the Mayo News in March, 2009 entitled 'Benedict and Condoms'. He asserts that the Pope's teaching ie Church teaching on condoms is unhelpful given the AIDS crisis in the world. He believes Pope Paul got it wrong on 'Humanae Vitae’ and he believes in women priests. As with all the other 'progressive' priests who wish to form a priests association he is a devout follower of John O'Donohue. This is what he says of Mr. O'Donohue in an article printed on a BBC blog:
For people jaded by the blandness of conventional Irish Catholicism, he opened up new vistas of exploration and experience.

His ecclesiastical superiors became suspicious of his growing reputation. They sought to clip his wings by imprisoning him in a busy curacy where they hoped he would have less time for flights of fancy.

As one comment says:
God rest him and so on, but thank God there'll be no more of his awful books. Shallow, trite, meaningless rubbish with bogus Celtic motifs.

I thought this was most telling: "they sought to clip his wings by imprisoning him in a busy curacy". Gosh, imagine expecting an ordained priest to actually work.

It also so happens that the Irish Bishops conference sacked Mr. Hegarty as editor of the Catholic Church Intercom magazine, in 1994 for promoting teachings contrary to the Church.

Oh, I forgot to mention he doesn't agree with celibacy, what he calls compulsory celibacy.

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